How to Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival Online

First a short history of the south-east asian country , it’s a former french colony situated in the Indochina peninsula and has a population of 90 million people and a surface of 332.000 square kilometers (128.000 square miles) .Vietnam is one of the last communist countries left, and that is mostly because it’s proximity to China .

About the visa on arrival a Vietnam Visa is required for most foreigners that visit the country, the simplest way to get a visa for Vietnam is to arrange it before your departure .

First you need to apply online for a visa. You need to specify how long are you staying, how fast you want the visa to be processed. Depending on the time you want the visa you can select the normal processing time which will cost a fee of 17 dollars US, this will take 2 working days, the next option is the urgent processing time, this will take 1 working day, and that will cost a fee of 27 dollars US, and the last option for you to select is the super urgent one that will take only 4 hours but it will cost 37 dollars US. Beside these options you can select the Airport Fast-Track service , this will and a total of 25 dollars to your total fee Note these fees are only for one person, depending on the number of visas you need the price will rise.

The second step after you have selected the number of visas and the processing time you need to include your personal information , and this is pretty straightforward.You need to complete with your full name , gender, date of birth and other basic information like your passport number. Here you will put your email address and your phone number. The email address is necessary for them to send you the visa letter and the phone number for them to contact you in case of urgent matters. The last thing you will do here is to select the time of your arrival and where you will arrive There are only three options, the international airports of Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh.

The last step is the payment method, here you will pay with your credit card , they accept a wide variety of credit cards and it’s pretty simple .

After you have completed all of these steps, they will send you an email letter and after you will arrive in Vietnam you will have your passport stamped on arrival. That’s why it is called Vietnam visa on arrival.

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3 Tips for Vietnam Visa On Arrivals

vietnam visa on arrivalA valid passport with half a year is essential to come to Vietnam. Vietnam agency visas are often valid for only 1 month entry. In the event that you intend to leave Vietnam and re-enter from a different country be sure you get yourself a visa allowing multiple entries.

There exists a low threat from terrorism. Petty crime isn’t confined to the backpacker districts but additionally occurs in the primary tourist shopping areas. Usually do not walk in secluded locations alone, or with people you don’t know. Keep your passport and important valuable in a hotel or any secured place and keep a photocopy of the passport while roaming. Be alert against pickpockets and prevent carrying handbags or expensive items.

Local laws and customs have become strong here. Crimes such as for example sex offence, illegal drug possession, etc. may bring about long imprisonment as well as the death penalty. Foreign visitors aren’t permitted to invite Vietnamese nationals to their resort rooms. Dress modestly while visiting local places and religious sites. Never take camcorders to the ethnic minority villages, since it is highly intrusive to the locals

Monitor the elements reports and plan your travel accordingly. The climate of Vietnam varies considerably from region to region. To get the best balance, try months of April, May or October. Healthcare in rural areas are really basic. Be sure you have arranged comprehensive medical and travel cover prior to the trip. Avoid street water and food while traveling.

Vietnam Dong (VND) may be the country’s official currency, but US dollar is widely accepted. While transactions, mind your change to the 500,000 and 50,000 notes look similar as does the 100,000 and 10,000 notes.


Vietnam’s main mode of transport is by motorbike. But tourists need a Vietnamese driving license. Though taxi and bus services are very common, rail travel in Vietnam is normally considered safe. Coastal travellers ought to be vigilant as piracy is common.

Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Danang airports offer both international and domestic flights. In the event that you missed out your direct flight to Vietnam, the most effective way is going for a flight to Bangkok or Hong Kong and gets a connecting flight on arrival.

If you have a plan to travel Vietnam this time, you should to get Vietnam visa on arrival before one month. There are many agencies in Vietnam, which can help you get it easily. Click here to visit my website.

By remember the aforementioned tips, you could have a safe and joyful Vietnam travel.

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